#EF 5: Correct Me If I’m Wrong

#1 Era’s school

“Are you OK?” Era’s teacher asked me a few weeks ago.

“Yes, it’s better now. I have chicken pox last week.” I said.

“Waow, so why do you come here, it’s very dangerous for other children” she said.

Hmm, i just didn’t understand what her talk about. As far as i know, the chicken pox viruses are easy to spread through the air during the virus’ incubation time, up to 5 days from the first blister pop out the body. After that time, people with chicken pox are not infectious again. It’s safe to get in touch with other people even when the blister have not dried yet.

When I told my husband about my conversation with Era’s teacher, he explain me that I used the wrong grammar. I should useΒ “had” to explain that my chicken pox was happened a week ago. When I useΒ “have”, it means I still have the viruses at that time. That’s why she shockedΒ after heard someone with chicken pox viruses around her.πŸ˜“

#2 Hawkhill Medical Centre

” Is he fine during last two day?” the nurse asked me

” Yes, I think so. He just had some errrr… wait, I forget the phrase… hachhiii ..yes, he just get like that” I said

” Do you mean sneeze?” the nurse smiled to me

” Yes, that’s what I mean” it felt like I wanna burry my face in to the hole.


It’s just a sample of my daily conversation and I can’t count how many mistakes that I have made. It was so embarrassing.

But hey, even they (the native speaker) can understand my terrible grammar, pronounce, and vocabulary. They try to listen carefully and confirm my words. It makes me feel comfort and want to try getting better, so I can speak right and fluent with them.

When I knew the English Friday Challenge from Blog English Club since the second week they had been founded, I had no gut to join in at that time. It takes time for me to think about my grammar and the others. First, I should ask my husband to check my words.

After a long deep clean thinking, I use my impulsive hands to fill in the registry form of BEC a week ago. I need to learn English in writing as much as speaking. I need to force my brain to overcome this weekly challenge, and I need some advice in writing.

I wish this anthusiasm to learn English together through blogging will last forever. Members and admin should give motivation each other ( but I don’t know how it works 😝).

Hopefully, Indonesians that have a dream to go abroad would learn English first. Don’t be like me, that had no proper English preparation before going abroad when I decided to come here. The other thing is, I had not prepared my children yet, so they found difficulties to communicate with their friends.

You don’t want to get an embarrassing moment like me, don’t you?

Dari fanpage Meme Comic Indonesia

Dari fanpage Meme Comic Indonesia

19 thoughts on “#EF 5: Correct Me If I’m Wrong

  1. I was speaking with a dearfriend whos husband is from an English speking country, when their nieces and nephewes came for visit how her husband complained that his nieces and nephews didnt use use correct grammar pronounce or anything like that (or maybe because theyre just ABG what its call in english? πŸ™‚ ). it surprised me actually. In my mind the native always speak english perfectly. I love when somebody correct my pronounciation or grammar or words

    • Hehe,i think so. Teenager mungkin banyak bahasa slang nya gt Ru, mungkin jg emang gak kepikiran grammar kaya alay di Indonesia gitu lho, hihihi, sampe pusing sendiri kan.
      Tapi mereka rata2 welcome ama orang yang Englishnya berantakan macam gw, mau correct dan confirm biar maksudnya bener.

    • Kalo aku lebih baik jujur kalo lupa ama vocabnya, jadinya mereka mo bantuin mengarahkan. Yang sering kejadian juga grammar udah gak jelas lagi keterangan waktunya.
      Salam kenal Sandrine..

  2. Menurut saya, rasa malu karena kemampuan bahasa Inggris pas-pasan itu diakibatkan sama dua hal: kita gak bangga sama bahasa kita sendiri dan kita ngaitin kemampuan berbahasa Inggris dengan kecerdasan (padahal gak ada hubungannya).

    Saya bisa ngomong dan nulis dalam bahasa Indonesia dan Inggris dengan benar, tapi kemampuan saya dalam hal, misalnya, IT terbatas banget. Di sisi lain, ada ahli IT yang kemampuan bahasanya gak bagus. Apa saya dan dia mesti malu karena keterbatasan masing-masing?

    Kemampuan bahasa Inggris, seperti juga IT, bagus kalo kita kuasain, tapi kalo gak pun ya gpp hehehe…. Kita gak malu gak bisa bahasa Perancis, kenapa mesti malu gak bisa bahasa Inggris. Siapa sih mereka itu πŸ˜›

    • Haha, good point. Itu berarti saya masih terlalu sensitip ama penilaian orang lain.
      Kalo disini, saya malah cenderung gak tahu malu pake Bahasa Inggris Mas, karena ya itu, kepekso. Tapi mereka kok ya welcome dengerin my terrible words. Alhamdulillah.

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