#EF 6 :The Woman Behind (Make Up) Mask

As a front-line officer, I have to look fresh, charm, nice, and professional in front of the customer. Of course, it is because I am the representative of my office. Well-knowledge and a good-behaviour are basic characters as a front-line officer. However, my personal image needs  attractive outfits and a fresh make-up to support my appearance.

At the begining, I felt uncomfortable,  because usually I did not use any make-up. I used to put it when I went to a party or a special event in my former office. However, the show must go on. So, I got to use make-up daily even for a natural looking. It became a habit, then the habit became a passion, as a Javanese wisdom “tresno jalaran saking kulino”. My childhood hobby have found a new canvas to draw to.

I like to draw my face in different themes to get different images. When I wanted to look profesional and fresh, I just put natural colors in my face, or if I wanted to look sexy (in front of my husband of course) I can use a red lipstick or make a smokey-eyes like a Kim K.

My craziness about face-drawing did not stop with those beauty concepts. I tried to push my imagination in many make-up themes. From Joker (Batman) to Capitol Citizen (Hunger Games),  I have tried them all. It was fun to try a unique character make-up, it felt like I am the character itself. When I used a Joker make-up, I felt a smart feeling as well as a crazy psychopath feeling. When I tried to be a Capitol Citizen, I felt a modern, arrogant, and high self-confident feeling.

But, as a well-mannered woman, I never show those bizarre make-up in public, even I never put it on my facebook account. I just keep it for my self in my private camera. My family knows this “unique” hobby and they accept it.

My husband allowed me to do those crazy things as long as they are not ruin my skin and he asked me to clean the make-up as soon as possible after the photo session over. He would prefer to see my clean face without any make-up, just like my natural face when I wake up beside him 😘💕😘. Of course, it is reasonable, because he does not want to feel like he sleeps with Joker anyway.

Why you so serious??

Why you so serious??

16 thoughts on “#EF 6 :The Woman Behind (Make Up) Mask

  1. Joker face scares me, his red lips i feel like its haunting me everytime i see it, i dont wanna see joker face. And speaking about make up i love to put eye shadow, the smokey eyes is my favorite i dont want to try any other colours i got dark skin so im not sure bright eyeshadow colour like pink red or….suits me

    • Hehe, that why my husband want me sleep with clean face. Smokey eyes can be the best way for your beautifull eyes Ru, but don’t afraid to try other color, it’s fun lho.

  2. ya… kalau kerja di front desk emang dituntut ramah dan sebagainya…. padahal di hati kan nggak tahu. meski jengkel sama customer tetep aja harus senyum. nggak kebayang kalau tanpa make up 😀

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