Twenty Two

Hey you, the girl on twenty-two

Who have many dreams to do

To fix the world around you

Hey you, the girl with many ambitions

I apologize,

I need you to compromise

For the failed plans

Two and half of a scholarship chance,

To go to France,

And to learn a Javanese dance


Don’t be upset

Everything happens for a reason

God gives us another spring season

A handsome soulmate and two cute boys

Makes my everyday joys

Hey you, the lovebird girl

I just want to give you an advice

Love your boyfriend in a proper way

Let your logical thinkingΒ lead your way

Please to be patient with your lust

Don’t hold his hands too strong

You know it is wrong

At least wait for your wedding ceremony

You can claim him not only his hands as your territory

Hey girl, don’t worry

Everythings will be okay

Just step on your right way

And love your family everyday



Your 10-years future


Please enjoy my terrible letter with a rap beat, or forget it and lets sing Twenty Two by Taylor Swift with me:


33 thoughts on “Twenty Two

  1. Great poem, as when I read through these lines, I was able to reflect so I could try to be grateful about all of the things I’ve and haven’t been done. So inspiring.
    I love this week’s theme as it gives so much inspiration to all of us.
    Have a nice day, have a nice weekend! :))

      • Iya berarti plus 10 khaaan… teteep masih muda Sekali dirimuuuh, beda jauh sekali sama teteh hehe

        Bagus kalau dr sekarang suka pakai pelembab, atau krim anti aging, krn kulit semakin lama semakin kekurangan lembabnya.. semenjak di Jerman teteh mau ngga mau agak sedikit hrs disiplin kasih pelembab muka, daaan sekarang mulai lumayan sedikit rajin lah pakai krim anti aging 😊😊

      • Hihihi,
        Krim anti aging saya cuma minyak zaitun. Andalan banget Teh πŸ‘πŸ‘
        Walaupun beda usia, penampakan Teteh gak kalah muda kok, tjakep bak gadis remaja. Masih bisa kakak adek-an ama para gadis Teteh deh..

      • Itu minyak Zaitunnya yg bagaimana..?? khan jenisnya macam-macam..

        Fotonya khan dr jauuuh.. jd ngga keliatan sepuhnya hihi

        Kalau anak sudah gadis-gadis, sering diprotes kalau mau pakai baju atau warna dan model kerudungnya…
        Sudah cape-capeee nyoba ala hijaber atau model yg manis jaman sekarang..eehh di proteees, yo wes balik ke model jadul, jaman 80-an 😁😁

      • Yang virgin oil aja Teh, saya cocok. Selain murmer juga bikin kulit lembab. Cuma pas habis pake agak oily gitu, hihi.
        Kok diprotes ama gadisnya kenapa?hihi, kayanya Teteh masih pantes pake hijab gahul jaman kini lho..

      • Nanti coba beli dan pakai ah.. biar tambah cling hihi..

        Diprotes karena dr duluuu model jilbabnya ngga berubah, gituu saja, jd anak-anak ngga biasa lihat yg neko-neko.. Bilangnya “ngga pantes mamaaa..yg biasa sajaaaa” 😁😁

      • Hahaha, masa gak pantes sih Nak, ini mama mo gahul dulu nih 😁😁😁
        Sok atuh dicoba zaitun virgin oilnya, tapi berdasarkan info dari Feby ada argan oil, juga bagus utk kulit Teh, cuma lebih mihil..

      • Lagian ngga pede juga sih Teh, kalau saya pakai kerudung dimacem-macemin gitu.. hehe

        Argan oil ya.. ntar coba lihat juga deh.. Nuhuun buat infonya ya.. 😘😘

  2. my twenty two tuh berapa belas tahun yg lalu ya? #mendadak ga bisa ngitung hihi
    mbak, puisinya bagus. berima. susah loh bikin rima kyk gt. and you did it. well done mbak

  3. Ziyyyy *skrang gue panggil ziii ajah, udah pede ternyata kita seumuran..hahaha*
    Dulu posesip yak ama si pacar?.lol….usah sih mau nanya itu aja.

    btw masih heran..napa ga bisa follow blogmu?hiksss mesti rajin ceki2 kemari..which is ga asik banget ya

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