Ground Coffee 😁😁

a.k.a kopi darat (Bahasa) or meet-up (English).

“Hi, I am at cafe now, left corner with blue shirt” he texting me.

(I am in the right corner, with wide eyes opened)

-scanning hair

-scanning face

-scanning body measurements

-scanning complete

# not very attractive boy, better running before he know I’m here#

“Hi, I am sorry, I can’t go to see you. My mom asks me to accompanying her to kondangan” I’m replying his text.

(Blind Date)

So many people have an experience about this meet up, thanks again to social media. It gives us many way to connect with another person, including someone we don’t know.

When I was teenager, I could accept at least one message every week from a stranger in my friendster account. Sometimes, it was made me scared. Their language so aggressive and sometimes too intimateπŸ˜•.Β At that point, I couldn’t do nothing than blocking their account so they can’t send me another freaky message.

But, it just part of bad experience in social media, there are a lot of fun people we can see from those way. People with same interest, with nice attitude, and polite language.

I have many new friend in my blogging activities, they are come from many different areas. I have never seen them before, but it is like I knowing them for a time by our conversation at the blog.

Maybe someday I will like to meet them, talking about our hobbies or sharing our experience or just hang out together. But, stranger is a stranger, I need safety for myself to meet someone new. You know, with everything about criminal action by virtual mates are commonly happen.


Don’t try to screw me😁

For the first time to meet up, I will take the wise tips from the article I had found, let we see :

  • Go find the information about your virtual friends,
  • Tells your family or close friend about the meet up, just as anticipation if anything happen,
  • Take the public area as your meeting point,
  • Dress-up properly, do not too much or even worse, vulgar,
  • Agree to meet-up with womens (same gender as me) for a single meet up, or with mens at group meet-up( not for single meet up, it is not date, you remember 😊),
  • Reject every single kindness in loan form, money or other valuable things.

And hopefully I can meet up with my new friend at safest, nicest, and best way.😁😁.

28 thoughts on “Ground Coffee 😁😁

  1. My first ground coffee thing I did was when I became a member of Bogor English Club. Usually we exchanged greetings over the radio. At that time I became a broadcaster RRI Bogor when I was in the second grade of senior high school. I was very impressed to see my listeners, they were very enthusiastic about my broadcast. The meeting was continued into the monthly meetings. But unfortunately after my departure to Borneo, our English club stopped for granted.

    • Yaah, gak ada mas Sugih gak rame kali..jadinya brenti ground coffenyaπŸ˜€πŸ˜€.
      Nah, sekarang kan ada socmed tuh, digiatin lagi Bogor English Club ama temen lamanya, atau bikin cabang di Borneo English Club..duh, keren sangat pastinya ini!

      • Sayang banget lho Mbak, waktu itu anggotanya sudah banyak mencapai ratusan. Sudah mencapai 5 tahunan juga berdirinya. Kalau mendirikan di Kalimantan, anak muda di sana masih banyak yang malu-malu untuk speak up, untuk itulah saya mendirikan lembaga kursus & bimbel dengan harapan ke depannya masyarakat pedalaman Kalimantan pun suatu saat berkompeten dan menguasai Bahasa Inggris. Amin.

  2. saya termasuk pemalu…. jadinya nggak punya keinginan kuat untuk kopdar πŸ˜€

    BTW themes WP ini otomatis jadiin postingan jadi dua kolom ya mbak?

    • Sama Bang, tapi kalo kopdarnya sama temen perempuan sih masih oke,apalagi kalo ada kuliner enyak😁😁
      Waduh, saya gak ngutak-atik themesnya ini, jadinya ostomastis kali. Emm, malah menyulitkan pembaca atw gimana, nnti saya lihat juga.

  3. when can we have ‘ground coffee’?
    haha kok jadi mikirnya kopi bubuk ya mbak?
    kalo kita kopdaran, jadi family meet-up, masjid biru atau selat bosphorus jadi saksinya … hihi

      • Iya, kopi turki. tapi aku belum pernah nyoba hahaha…
        wah kalo aku bukan review mbak, tapi curhat sambil nyontek wikipedia wkwkwk

  4. I find your tips as really useful :hehe.
    Bukannya bagaimana-bagaimana sih, tapi entah kenapa rasa berjaga-jaga dengan seseorang yang ditemui online itu tetap ada (dalam kasus saya, pakai banget, apalagi kalau belum terlalu kenal). Lain halnya kalau rekan kerja baru, atau orang yang dari awal sudah kita temui face to face :))
    Thank you for the tips :)).

  5. Cieeeee.. Anak Friendster.. Ahahah πŸ˜€

    Tapi aku jugak males kopdar pas zaman itu, Mbak. Mungkin karena masih terlalu kecil πŸ˜›

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